Finding timesheet software for a recruitment agency is relatively easy – but locating a solution that is both effective and reliable is less so.

Timesheet management is an essential part of the market, permitting agencies to better manage the hourly contracts of their workforce while also ensuring that every worker is paid correctly and quickly.

However, it goes without saying that there can be a huge disparity between the different software solutions on offer. 

A good piece of time sheet software will grant a certain amount of flexibility, which enables the recruitment agency to maintain its standards of best practice.

For instance, it may be the case that two agencies take a completely different approach to overtime logging, with one paying per hour or part thereof, and another paying a flat rate based on market rates.

Before signing up for any timesheet software product, it is vital that a recruitment agency understands the limitations of the product they are purchasing, as well as the extra features that come as part of the package which could be of added use. By making the right choice early on, you could save your agency time, money and an endless amount of stress.

Why do recruitment agencies need time sheet software?

Before timesheet software became so readily available, many agencies were forced to conduct this work in-house – a time-consuming task that could still lead to errors.

Now, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to finding time sheet software for recruitment agencies, making life easier for recruiters and ensuring that all hourly workers are paid quickly and in line with the actual amount of time spent at work.

From the workers point of view, timesheet software is a sure-fire way to guarantee they are properly compensated for the work that they have done. 

It also provides them with a reference point in case of disputes, or changes to regular hours. 

For the agency, timesheet software offers a level of oversight that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. 

With one click, recruiters can access a huge amount of data on productivity, timekeeping, overtime worked and pay due. 

This can help streamline arduous payroll admin, while speeding up their ability to deploy workers and switch around shifts as needed.

At Practical Software, we are proud to offer a timesheet software service that fits seamlessly into any recruitment agency’s existing business model. 

We understand the importance of efficiency and oversight – particularly when it comes to keeping track of remote workers when site visits are not necessarily possible. That’s why we offer flexible tracking solutions which can fit into any recruitment agency workplace, ensuring that your company can always operate to its full capacity.

Benefits of using time sheet software

  • Real-time tracking: Timesheet software enables recruitment agencies to keep track of their employees, shift workers, and temps, and the number of hours they have worked in real time. This can often differ from their fixed-hour contracts, for instance, if one employee covers a shift for another; or if overtime is required. By filtering these details through a reactive piece of timesheet software, recruitment agencies can keep a virtual eye on all operations with up-to-the-moment updates. 
  • Productivity monitoring: Timesheet tracking can also help recruitment agencies to better understand the productivity of their workforce by easily highlighting those workers who are consistently on time and available to take on extra hours – and identifying the terminally tardy workers whose performance could reflect poorly on your company’s reputation. 
  • Reduced admin: By using tried and tested timesheet software, recruitment agencies can cut down on the administrative work associated with payroll management. In the past, they would inevitably face a barrage of calls and queries around payday as agency staff pointed out errors in their pay related to the number of hours that had been worked. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for a couple of hours of overtime to not be logged, causing issues for both the worker and the agency.  
  • Extra features: There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to time sheet tracking when you are operating as a recruitment agency. At Practical Software, we are committed to providing a solution that can be tailored to your specific tracking needs. This includes an instant invoicing service, access to an online portal, a system that is fully optimised for mobile, tablets and computers, and the ability to quickly and easily keep track of expenses. Furthermore, our software allows both employees and employers to track the status of time sheets and payments in real time, while agencies can use the software to assign work and projects. These added features can work to further reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, so your agency can focus on what it does best: recruitment.

What next?

If you want to learn more about the timesheet software we offer, the team at Practical Software is here to help. 

With a track record of excellent results, and years of experience operating in the recruitment sector, we can work with you to understand your specific business needs and ensure you can deploy a solution that is truly fit-for-purpose. 

You can learn more about our timesheet software here. And if you have any specific questions about how this software can be customised for your recruitment agency, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and let us know exactly what you need for an effective, efficient deployment.