Agencies specialising in recruitment will have slightly different needs than direct employers when it comes to staffing software.

While both agencies and employers can benefit from staffing software, agencies, typically, will be dealing with higher volumes of people. At the same time, they need quick, easy and accurate access to this extended pool of talent.

Demands in recruitment shift as areas themselves undergo changes and new industries develop and mature.

Consequently, top staffing software for agencies must be proactive and dynamic, and go beyond the standard capabilities of an online database.

Here, we look at the top practical, staffing software solutions for recruitment agencies.

Essential Payroll Software

For agencies, as for other enterprises, payroll sits at the heart of what they do. Payroll can have a significant impact on how a business runs, because it sets the tone for employees and helps shape corporate reputations.

Everyone expects to be paid on time, and fairly, and agencies must also ensure they are fully compliant with tax and employment regulations.

Tax rules for agencies are that, under the Earnings and Pensions Act 2003, they must pay the individuals they hire subject to employment taxes, including PAYE and National Insurance contributions. This is unless they can proves someone else is responsible for payment.

Workers signed up to agencies are also entitled to the National Minimum Wage.

The main benefits of having reputable, reliable and practical software driving payroll are:

  • Automatic calculations – saving agencies time and resources with automatic PAYE and other calculations
  • Payroll compliance – if your software is fully compliant with HMRC RTI with submission requirements, and  with GDPR, then you know that your agency is too
  • Essential employee documents – top staffing software will issue all necessary documents for employees, including P45s and P60s, automatically
  • Automatic payslips – advanced payroll software has the option to automatically email payslips to designated addresses
  • Handling different payments – staffing software is fully flexible and adaptable to handle different kinds of payments, including PAYE and payments under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Full visibility – successful recruitment agencies are built on trust, so it makes sense for your payroll software to reflect this, with an employee, contractor and client service portal to give easy access to payslips, timesheets and other data
  • Absolute clarity – you need to have essential payroll data at your fingertips, and payroll software should have the kind of flexible reporting capability to enable this.

Software for Timesheets

Along with managing payments, the other critical aspect of staffing software is dealing with timesheets.

With different numbers of staff on their books, agencies must be able to keep track of hours worked, and what their clients’ requirements are when it comes to filling roles.

As with payroll software, timesheets software streamlines processes while ensuring their accuracy, accessibility, visibility and convenience.

The key benefits include:

  • Submitting and approving timesheets – software enables this to be done online, with contractors instantly adding their sheets, and with instant visibility for the agency
  • Instant invoicing – as online timesheets are integrated with payroll, this can generate instant invoices, ensuring agencies are up to date with payments
  • Print and scan bulk uploads – users can also bulk upload scanned timesheets to save on time
  • Comprehensive compatibility – the right software package will ensure contractors can use a broad range of mobile and other devices to access, complete and upload their timesheets to a central console.

Top Staffing Software for Your Recruitment Business

Recruitment is a rapidly changing market, and agencies must be agile if they are to compete successfully.

Staffing software needs to echo this agility in being intuitive, smart and rapid-acting.

It also must serve the specific needs of the agency that uses it, being fully capable of integration into its infrastructure and working systems.

The software must always serve the needs of the agency, rather than the agency having to change its essential approach to accommodate the software.

Ultimately, staffing software is a tool, not an end in itself, and smart agencies can use this tool to ensure they reach their objectives and maintain their market share.

Practical Software Solutions

What if your staffing software was bespoke to your needs, to the extent that it worked as if it was your own?

Offering fully white-labelled staffing software solutions for agencies, we provide the kind of streamlined, cutting-edge digital infrastructure support that can give an agency added value as well has bolster its core capabilities.

Furthermore, our we have a constant development cycle for our software, ensuring that once you integrate it into your systems, it will develop to match your own growth and changes.