Securing qualified candidates can be challenging at the best of times, but with the high degree of disruption the market is currently experiencing, it can feel close to impossible.

So, why exactly is it so difficult to find the right candidates in the current marketplace and what helpful options are available to ensure that you are able to acquire the talent you need?

Why is it a challenge?

Quite simply, Covid 19 has not helped things.

Since the early alarm bells in January, restrictions in the current marketplace have made it incredibly difficult to not only find but to contact individuals. Individuals have ben furloughed, hiring freezes are set to be the norm, and zoom and video calls lack the personal touch needed to meaningful engage with a potential client.

While this may be challenging, taking a moment to reflect and plan can help ensure that you not only tackle the problems immediately ahead of you, but help set in place solid business practice for the months ahead.

What can we do?

Though Covid is currently causing disruption throughout the modern marketplace, taking the time to review your ongoing processes and understand the opportunities and take positive action is paramount.

Some key options include, but are not limited to-

Playing the Numbers: While it may seem exhaustive, there’s arguably never been a better time to start the ball rolling on cold calling clients and taking the temperature of the market. Many professionals may find themselves in a position where they are evaluating their career and potentially considering pivoting to another sector. Researching LinkedIn is a tried and tested way of doing this and in the current market many individuals are making it known that they are looking for employment. Being able to facilitate that career transition can help you create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sourcing Referrals: As with the above, finding inroads to individuals who may be struggling with their current position and hungry for alternatives or an escape is essential. Reaching out to former clients can help you reconnect, confirm if they are happy in their position, and ask if they know other professionals who may be interested in new roles and opportunities. Adding a finder’s fee can help you secure ‘boots on the ground’ help, and with the number of professional networking groups that currently exist, you can quickly find a  former client doing the groundwork for you.

Attend Meetups: While physical events may be a no-go, the market is currently full of video networking events for professionals looking to upskill or keep abreast of the sector. Paying the admission fee for these events can help you put your team’s face out there and get in front of any individuals that may be attending. While this can be time consuming, the fact that the majority of these events are online can work massively in your favour. And, for the cost of a second monitor, you can put talks or chatrooms on one screen and your daily work on the other – letting you truly multitask with ease.

Generate Your Content: Whether you choose to produce it in-house or hire an external advisor, creating interviews, blogs, and articles can help position you as a resource for many candidates that may be passively considering a change of career or new opportunities. This should ideally be done by looking at the sector you support, the client you are looking for, and finding a number of topics where the two overlap. Material can then be pushed through your usual channels and allow you to position yourselves as a source of professional excellence and make your material an efficient part of your engagement funnel. Building up a bank of scheduled articles can help keep your business providing guidance for professionals in the months ahead and help ensure that your company is seen as an authority well worth listening to.

Do your homework: No matter what sector you cover, it is essential that you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments that are drawing people’s attention. Whether it’s a flash-in-the pan development or an ongoing opportunity, developing a broad awareness of what employers are looking for can help you target the right clients during the months ahead. While it normally can be difficult to carry out the research necessary, the additional time on your hands caused by Covid can make it easier to justify the level of research required.

Change your infrastructure: Taking the time to review and understand your internal setup can quickly allow you to spot weaknesses and put plans in place to resolve them. This can range from client data management, outreach, analytics, or a range of other options. Carrying out a full review of your in-house infrastructure can quickly allow you to draw up a specification document that can be handed over to a provider. If completed correctly, this allows you to deploy a suitable bespoke solution or an end-to-end platform to drive efficiency throughout your business.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how digital solutions can help with your business, our team at Practical Software is here to help. With many years’ professional experience, we work with you to find a solution that is right for your business.

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