Practical Software has appointed a Head of Sales to coincide with the launch of a product it believes best meets the needs of leading recruiters.

John Hetherington joined the London-based computer software provider in October.

An experienced and skilled operator in the information technology services industry, he has wasted no time establishing partnerships with clients.

“It’s an exciting moment to make a move like this,” he said. “and I’ve taken it in my stride.”

“The first couple of months have been pretty hectic, and I’ve tried to talk to as many people as possible on a long list of contacts.”  

Designed by an expert team of recruitment professionals, Practical’s software has been in development for the past two years.

It is a bespoke platform that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs, meaning they only pay for what they use.

With features like automated invoicing, real-time reporting and full white-labelling, recruitment companies can automate back-office functions such as payments, expenses, contracts, and compliance documents.

John said: “The feedback we’ve had from users so far has been very encouraging and proves we’re going in the right direction. We’ve built in an enhanced tiered bonus calculator for our recruitment client’s sales staff, and the response from our current clients is that they think this is great.”

“It’s well laid out, easy-to-use, and helps people do their jobs better.”

“Ultimately, that’s what we want to achieve.”

“This has been built from the ground upwards by people that understand the industry’s demands.”

He is inspired too by the potential for Practical’s offer to expand.

A client relationship management (CRM) system could soon be added to a package that includes payroll and timesheet modules.

John said: “This has been built from the ground upwards by people that understand the industry’s demands.”

“Rather than copy what’s already out there and try to improve on it, we went back to basics.”

“If we get it right, then we won’t be limited to just one sector.”

He has an opportunity to show off the product during a busy two-day Recruitment Agency Expo at London’s Olympia next month.

Held twice a year, it brings together the industry’s leading figures to answer the biggest questions facing their business.

“I think our system speaks for itself in providing some of the answers,” added John.

“For us, it’s about keeping to the straight and narrow and I’m confident we’ll get the results we want from there.”

The Recruitment Agency Expo starts on Tuesday, February 4.

Practical Software would love to give you a demonstration of how their solution can help your business.

To arrange one, or to find out more, call 0330 124 3506 or send an email to