Improving our productivity can be a daily challenge for all of us. Thankfully, there are a number of highly experienced professionals on hand to give you the expert insight you need to make positive changes at all levels within your company.

So, here are ten of our favourite podcasts to check out that can help make a real difference to how you work. Starting with-  

1. Tim Ferris: A modern polymath, Tim Ferris’ motivational style has earned him the title of “the world’s best human guinea pig” with each episode ruminating on new topics and trends, while comparing notes with world class masters. Emphasising education and fun, Ferris is the guilty pleasure that we all need in our lives.

2. 5am Miracle: Aiming to ‘dominate your day before breakfast’ Jeff Sanders is a full-on advocate for gripping the day by the reins and making the most of every moment. A motivational speaker, Jeff Sanders offers his views on goal achievement, weight loss, and lifelong learning – being the pushy older brother that we all need from time to time.

3. The Accidental Creative: With a focus on improving your daily practice, AC offers interviews with leading professionals about how they climbed to the heights of their fields…while still fighting to find fulfilment. Broken into manageable chunks, this helps challenge and champion aspects of your life and holistically become a better employee.

4. The Great Work Podcast: With an affirmation in its name, you know that you’re going to be in for something special. Hosted by Michael Bungay Stanier, this fantastic series breaks down critical tasks into simple ‘how to’ guides, giving straightforward advice that you can implement in your daily life. Simple, clear, and respectful – it’s a must listen for fans of understanding the bigger picture.

5. Functioning Minimalist: Diving into the importance of mindfulness and self-growth, Sara hosts an amazing podcast about thriving at work while remaining aware of the importance of personal fulfilment. Whether it’s dealing with the doldrums of Mondays, fighting burnout, or honestly dealing with anger about being passed over for a promotion – FM is a great listen for veterans and newbies alike.

6. The Productivity Show: With a focus on balance, health, and family – TPS drills into how to optimise your daily approach without sacrificing the things that really matter the most. From working from home, bouncing back from a firing, and how to secure a time-sensitive side hustle; TPS is an incredible shout for the modern professional the world over.

7. Blinkist Podcast – Personal Development: Hosted by Ben Schuman-Stoler, this podcast aims to make ‘big ideas personal’ – getting at the million and one tasks that affect us as employees and impact the professional world around us. With a regular ‘checking in’ series, listeners get long term mentorship from professionals and gather insight and anecdotes that can help you make the right decisions when you’re up against it.

8. The Bottom Line: From the mind of Evan Davis and the top-class producers at the BBC, Bottom line is a business conversation show that gets into every topic imaginable – giving insight to all levels of professional development. From conflict resolution, letting staff go, and the importance of saving a foundering company; this show has it all and more.

9. Productivity Paradox: Hosted by Tonya Dalton, this fantastic bite-sized podcast focuses on actionable strategies that can help make a difference. Some may work, some may not – but the important thing is to try and move on to the next big task! With a focus on creativity, each lesson is applicable to every field. And when the chips are down, being able to harness that ingenuity can be truly transformative.

10. Getting Things Done: Ending on an absolute gem, GTD is arguably the gold standard of productivity podcasts. Created by the David Allen company, the show gives practical tips aimed all the way from beginners to experts that can help optimise your approach, from avoiding procrastination, securing fresh perspectives, and helping understand and segment the journey ahead of you.

What next?

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