Refugee Workers

The UN Refugee Convention defines a refugee as an individual who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted in their home country because of their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion. A significant percentage of refugees come from Arab states and sub-Saharan Africa. The civil war in Syria has produced one of the largest refugee crises in the world, forcing an estimated 5.5 million people to flee the country.

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Actress Shila Iqbal made recent headlines after racist and homophobic tweets she wrote in 2013 while in college resurfaced. The actress played Aiesha Richards on Emmerdale and was promoted to a regular character after appearing in her first episode, but lost her role when the story broke.

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Minimum Wage

Imagine this: You’re looking for work but the only positions that are available based on your experience pay a few pounds an hour.

With no other option, you’re left working for an employer that barely pays a living wage. As a result, you have to make sacrifices in other areas just to afford basic amenities like food and housing. It wasn’t that long ago that this was the reality for many people in the UK.

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umbrella software

Revenue is ultimately what keeps a business afloat. Without a regular influx of customers, businesses risk shutting down or costing investors their investment. Scaling is almost always the main goal for any business, but there are numerous obstacles. One example is with inventory management.

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Every manager wants to know the same thing – that their employees are working productively without wasting company resources.

late timesheets

But keeping track of what everyone is doing can be difficult without a system in place. Instead, you can only make assumptions as to how people are spending their time. This can lead to wasted time and teams operating at a low level of performance.

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Workplace pension contributions are set to increase starting from 6 April 2019. Minimum contributions for employees will increase from 3% to 5% under the new rules, while employers will see their contributions go up from 2% to 3%.

New pension rules 2019

An employee earning approximately £27,000 would normally contribute about £500 into their pension, but that amount would increase to £850 after the new rules. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled into their workplace scheme but may choose to opt out and will get back any money already paid in. However, opting out would mean missing out on tax benefits and employer contributions.

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Brexit affecting jobs

A deal was struck between the UK and the EU in November last year, but British MPs voted it down in the House of Commons by a staggering margin – 432 against and 202 for. Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan was to establish the terms of departing from the EU, but the defeat marked how unpopular it was. The UK is still set to leave on 29 March, but the loss leaves the country’s future shrouded in uncertainty.

The UK is expected to withdraw from the European Union on 29 March 2019.

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Trouble filling vacant jobsWhile unemployment has fallen to low levels in the UK, a lack of non-UK born workers is causing serious employment issues for many companies, as reported by the CIPD Labour Market Outlook, Autumn 2018.

The number of employers reporting difficulties filling vacancies has risen from 56% in June 2017, to 70% in autumn 2018. This issue is especially prevalent in the healthcare, public administration and defence sectors.

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Tattoos no longer affect jobs

If you’re worried that getting a tattoo would hurt your job prospects or affect employment opportunities, you’re in luck.

A new study published in the journal Human Resources titled ‘Are Tattoos Associated With Employment and Wage Discrimination? Analyzing the Relationships Between Body Art and Labor Market Outcomes’ found that tattoos are no longer associated with wage discrimination in the workplace.

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How to make your business eco freindly, greenPledge to go green in the workplace and you may find that reducing your carbon footprint not only helps to look after our planet, it has benefits for your business too.

If it feels like your business has a long way to go before it can call itself environmentally friendly, you can begin by implementing one small and manageable step at a time to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and for peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to look after our planet.

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