About Practical Software

About Practical Software
Find out how Practical Software can help your recruitment business

Practical Software is a full software suite designed for recruitment agencies and recruiters. Our Timesheets module is an excellent solution for businesses looking to streamline their administrative tasks.

Our newest module addition is the Timesheets module, which we have designed to work and integrate with recruitment agencies to help track staff timesheets and shift timetables. 

Our Timesheets module can be used in addition to our existing modules, or it can be used by recruitment agencies on its own accord. Our aim is to provide a solid and reliable one-stop software solution to cover all agency needs. The suite is built with a modular focus, which means you can pick and choose which modules, be it Timesheets, CRM or Payroll, are best for your business needs.


Timesheets can be challenge to track, and we know that recruitment agencies have better applications for their time and resources than inputting data and making calculations. That’s why we developed our software to ensure that you can easily keep track of data that’s in the system.

Our software allows clients and contractors to upload their own data in the system, and for the agency to keep track of things in a timely manner. It also allows all parties to keep control, and to see when their timesheets are being processed or what status they are currently at. There are many more bonuses too. Through Practical Software Timesheets, you can track expenses, track jobs, and assign projects to contractors.

Business building

With a more efficient and streamlined timesheet-keeping system, you can concentrate on other areas of the business, such as winning new clients or contracts. You can keep better track of business and projects and track your gains with built-in reporting functions. Importantly, your contractors are going to be much happier when they are paid in a timely manner and paid the right amount for hours worked. Our software can help you to promote a happier and better-motivated working culture, which will only improve efficiency and business prospects in the long run.

What makes Practical Software’s Recruitment Timesheet module different?

Practical Software’s Recruitment Timesheet module offers a huge range of benefits to recruitment agencies looking to streamline their administration and save time. From fully customisable pay rates, to quick access to our software from multiple platforms, Practical Software Timesheets can easily be applied to your business systems.

Online timesheet submittance and approval

Our Timesheets package uses a cloud-based online solution. This way, the timesheets platform can be accessed anytime and anywhere by contractors.

Using the easy access online portal, contractors and staff can submit their timesheets online, which will be instantly seen and added into the agency dashboard. Automatic email notifications ensure all actions are traceable.

Agency impersonate function

Quickly correct mistakes in the system using our integrated agency impersonate function. This allows you to easily access the system and, where necessary, to make corrections on behalf of clients or contractors who have input errors into the timesheets.

Fully supported print and scan bulk upload

Instead of manually adding in each timesheet or scanning and uploading data one element at time, our timesheets portal allows you to bulk upload timesheet data straight into the main dashboard, saving your recruitment agency a lot of time and resources.

Instant invoicing

When integrated with Practical Software Payroll for recruitment, our Timesheets software automatically generates invoices when timesheets are authorised.

This way, you will always remain up to date with payments to contractors. With the click of a button, you can create and issue invoices to clients, which allows you to stay on top of your payment schedules.

Online portal

Using the easy access online portal, timesheets that have been submitted can be tracked by clients, employees, and the agency processing them.

Both employees and employers can track the status of timesheets and payments in real time. Agencies can also use the online portal to assign work and projects, while contractors and clients can see work and projects assigned to them.

Optimised for mobile, tablets and PCs

Timesheets client and agency portal can be fully utilised on all device types, including mobiles, tablets and PCs. It can be accessed anywhere an online connection is present, allowing all parties to stay informed 24/7 when it comes to work and pay.

Fully white labelled

Practical Software Timesheets can be fully white labelled and made bespoke for your recruitment agency.Our software is totally customisable, so you can add the features you need and ensure your brand stays centre-stage.  

Customisable pay rates

Within the Timesheets software, pay rate features are completely customisable. You can set standard rates, and customise and change them for overtime pay or bank holidays.

Track expenses

Practical Software Timesheets allows clients and contractors to submit working expenses directly into the system. Recruitment agencies are then able to approve expenses that meet the set criteria.

Compliance documents

Recruitment Agencies can upload contracts and AWR forms to the portal, which can then be accessed by clients and contractors. If required, signed copies can be uploaded by contractors and clients.

Full reporting tools

Agencies have access to a full set of reporting tools through Practical Software Timesheets. You can track the status of timesheets, and send reminders to chase for payments or submissions.

At the click of a button, you can instantly generate reports that can be directly downloaded in real-time, if necessary.

Notification dashboard

Recruitment agencies using Practical Software Timesheets can quickly access their personalised notification dashboard. This allows them to access the system, and see and be notified about activity across the board.

Contact Practical Software today to find out more about our integrated solutions for recruitment agencies or to book a demo. The Timesheets module is part of the Practical Software recruitment package, but you don’t have to sign up for all elements together. Each of the modules – Timesheets, Payroll or CRM – can be used on their own or combined to create a streamlined and efficient, multi-purpose, cross-platform business solution for recruitment agencies.

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