About Practical Software

Practical Software is a full software suite designed for recruitment agencies and recruiters. Our aim is to provide a solid and reliable one stop software to cover all agency needs, we’re building the suite with a modular focus, meaning we’re adding separate sections of the software as full packages, meaning you pick and choose what you want a need to fulfil your needs.

Our newest module addition is the timesheets module, which we have designed to work and integrate with recruitment agencies to help track staff timesheets and shift timetables.  

What makes Practical Software’s recruitment based timesheet module different?

Online timesheet submittance and approval

Our timesheet solution uses a cloud based online solution, this way the timesheet platform can be accessed anytime and anywhere by contractors.

Using the online portal contractors and staff can submit their timesheets online which will be instantly seen and added in to the agency dashboard.

Fully supported print and scan bulk upload

Instead of sitting and manually adding in each timesheet or scanning and uploading data one at time, our timesheet portal allows you to bulk upload timesheet data straight into the main dashboard, saving your recruitment agency a lot of time.

Instant invoicing

When integrated with Practical Software Payroll for recruitment, timsheets automatically generate invoices when timesheets are authorised, this way you can always remain instantly up to date with payments to contractors.

Online submittal

Using the client portal, contractors and staff can automatically submit timesheets for approval and authorisation by your recruitment agency.

Optimised for mobile, tablets and PCs

Timesheets client and agency portal can be fully utilised on all device types, and can be used anywhere an online connection is present – so that you never miss out.

Fully white-labelled

Practical Software Timesheets can be fully white labelled and made bespoke for your recruitment agency.

Timesheets is part of the overall Practical Software package for recruitment agencies, however this does not limit you to signing on to the entire suite, if you just need timesheets, you can just get timesheets. To get a full demo of the software, get in touch with our team today on info@practical.software or call 0330 124 3506.