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A payroll system is an integral part of any company; not only does the payroll assume responsibility for your employees’ salary, it provides vital protection for complying with payment regulations. Payroll softwares have a massive effect on the day to day running of a business and yet people often fail to realise the importance of it. Payroll affects each and every aspect of a business from its reputation to the general feeling amongst employees.


A company’s reputation is everything, and having a payroll system in place helps to maintain this. Not only does it guarantee that all of your employees are paid on time, it ensures that your company adheres to all tax and employment regulations. Ensuring all of this legislation is met will further establish your company as a reliable and reputable employer. This will ultimately add value to your company and attract not only new customers but also talented potential employees.


Your employees are what make your company, and ensuring that morale is kept high is key to a good working environment. Your employees want to feel safe and secure in their job with the knowledge that they will be paid consistently and on time each month. Any late or incorrect pay may lead to employees being upset and questioning their financial future at the company. This will ultimately create an unsettled and negative workplace, which is why using a reliable payroll system is of such importance.

Financial Future

One of the greatest benefits an employee will find from competent payroll software is the ability to look towards the future and see their annual salary and net worth. Payroll software allows them to not only see what they will be earning, but also their bonuses, benefits and any pay increases too. This is likely to improve your employees’ performance and ultimately will improve efficiency in the workplace.

There are hundreds of payroll systems that recruitment companies can use, and we’re under no illusions that our own payroll system belongs to a vast network of various payroll systems and software. Practical Software Payroll is built with this in mind, to be a grassroots solution to existing problems. We’ve made sure to design our software to be a practical payroll solution for all recruitment agencies.

Practical Software’s Payroll package is a bolt-on module for our overall Practical Software for Recruitment suite and it’s one of the many programs that we’re developing to make life easier for our recruiter clients. However, being a module does not mean you have to sign up to the entire Practical Software package. You can just have the Payroll package, and if you want CRM integration and Timesheets you can also add them as you go.

So what makes Practical Software’s recruitment payroll solution different?

  • Email payslips +
  • Complete payroll compliance +
  • Employee contactor portal +
  • Client service portal +
  • Automatic calculation tool +
  • All types of payment handled +
  • P45s and P60s +
  • Flexible reporting +
  • Control reporting function +
  • Latest tax tables +
  • Unrestricted amount of payments and deductions +
  • System notification and traceability +
  • File downloads of all major type +
  • Xero compatibility integration +

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