The right CRM software can help your business to save time and become more efficient to aid its ongoing growth and success, so it’s important to take your time in choosing/ the right one.

Picking the right CRM System

CRM systems are commonly used to streamline the process for managing customer data and history, managing leads, building quotes, and improving customer service.

Here are a few questions to ask and points to take into consideration when choosing the right CRM system for your business.

What do you need it need to help you achieve?

What you use a CRM for will entirely depend on your business type, size, and industry. Before starting to look around at different CRMs, think about what you need it to help you achieve.  From storing customer information and managing relationships, to generating reports and increasing profitability, deciding where your priorities lie will help you to determine which CRM is right for your business.

Functionality and ease of use

A CRM that is too complicated or clunky to use will do nothing but hinder your business.  When choosing a CRM, look at functionality before features.  Even the most feature-rich software will be useless to you if none of your employees can use it.  Software should be easy to pick up, intuitive to navigate, and have a clean and attractive design.


Think about whether it would be beneficial to you to integrate your CRM with any other applications that you use.  Choosing a software that will work with your existing operating system and integrate with other software can make your life a lot easier and your business more efficient.

Can it be customised?

No CRM will be 100% perfect for your business, but if there is the option to customise different aspects of the system then this is the next best thing! Customisation allows you to tailor the CRM’s features to suit your business’ specific needs and requirements.


Make sure you’re fully aware of the level of support that you will receive, what lines of communication are available and when they are open.  Some software providers also offer staff training to help make the transition to your new CRM system smoother.