About Practical Software
Find out how Practical Software can help your recruitment business

Do you want a software package that works and revolves around you and the way you work in your business? Practical Software, as the name suggests, is here to provide practical solutions to timesheets and payroll tasks for recruiters and recruitment companies.

Our software suite is a bespoke platform that can be tailored to any customers’ specific needs, where with most solutions you have to buy the whole package, with Practical Software you only pay for what you need. The program is modular, meaning you can add sections or remove sections depending on what you use and how you use it.

What makes our software different?

Onshore UK based development

Our development team are based solely in the UK, that means you contact us in working hours and send us emails and tickets and we’ll get back to you in a timescale that you can work with. No miscommunication, no long holds on the phone, just genuine, intelligent and reactive support to get to the root of every query. Not only this but you can have honest and frank discussions with our team to get additional modules and improve development, as well as add suggestions for modules!

Small and reactive

Our premise and our design is to create a software for recruitment companies that isn’t rigid in what it can do, we don’t want to say ‘oh no it can’t do that’ because that’s no good to you, the end user. We want to provide a software package for recruiters and recruitment agencies that covers all their needs.

Modular approach

We can’t state our mission enough, to provide a flexible all-encompassing system for recruiters and agencies. To do this we’ve adopted a modular approach, this means we’re constantly appraising feedback and creating new sections for our program. The sections are not mandatory and you only pay for what you need. New modules are always being added, and you can be a part of that by suggesting improvements to our team.

Constant development cycle

Practical Software is constantly being developed, we’re never going to rest on our laurels and leave our users to stagnate as a result. We’re committed to a long and productive lifespan for practical software. We’re always developing and always testing new modules and additions.

Automatic credit control

Chasing overdue invoices and bad credit is probably one of the most monotonous tasks out there – we hate it, we know you do. As well as that it can be quite tricky to stay on top of knowing what invoices are due and when which is why we’ve automated it all. Now Practical Software will contact outstanding debtors as their invoices are due, you can set the terms and what’s sent, so it’s all done for you.

Fully white labelled

Make Practical Software your own, our product is fully white-labelled for recruiters and recruitment agencies so you can have your brand and your styling to suit you. Continuing our theme of providing a bespoke, custom system for every client.

Clear and concise pricing structure

Just because our product is bespoke, it shouldn’t come with bespoke prices, our modules and additions are clearly priced and so is the base cost. So you know exactly what you’re paying for and exactly how much you’ll pay, no hidden fees, no rising costs, just straightforward and honest.

Our software is here to make your life and work easier. With features such as automated invoicing, real-time reporting and full white-labeling, our bespoke solution means that you can automate all your back-office needs such as payments, expenses and contractors.

Practical Software has been built from the ground up by recruitment experts for recruitment companies and recruiters. Currently, our Timesheets and Payroll systems are up and running for you to take advantage of right now.

We’ve started from the basics, no copying others, just ‘what will we do, and how will we do it to work best’ being asked by leaders in the field.

Feedback from our users at the moment is nothing short of excellent, we’re going in the right direction but we’re leaving the control in your hands. You make the suggestions and we make the products to suit them.

Get in touch with our team today to get a full demo of Practical Software, take out the effort, get your systems working for you today.

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