Filling out a timesheet needn’t be arduous.  Take the pain out of a boring but necessary task using the tips in this blog and make time tracking quick, simple and painless for your employees.

Tracking your timesheets

Efficient time tracking is essential to the smooth running of any recruitment agency.  Failing to implement timesheet best practices from the word go can result in incorrect or late payments and frustration for both parties.

Use the four simple tips in this blog to make late timesheets a thing of the past.

Make the system simple

Employees can be reluctant to fill out timesheets, so making the process as quick and simple as possible will make it seem like less of a chore. The number of fields on the form should be as minimal as possible and try to avoid asking employees to do any working out as this can result in errors.

Communicate the process clearly

Ensure that all employees have complete clarity about what is expected from them when it comes to filling out and submitting their timesheets by the process in everyone’s training and providing written documentation.  Clearly set your expectations from the start and explain why it is so important that timesheets are submitted before the cut off time and date and things should run smoothly.

Use software for online submittal

Specialist software like that offered by us here at Practical Software allows employees to conveniently submit their timesheets to you online.  Online submittal reduces the number of timesheets that go missing or get forgotten and are easier to interpret than handwritten ones.

Encourage daily completion

If your employees are guilty of leaving their timesheets until the last possible minute to fill in, you may find that they’re not as accurate as they should be. Encourage all employees to fill out their timesheets daily, it should only take a minute or two to complete and makes it easier to be accurate.