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Spend your time winning clients and recruiting instead of doing paperwork

Designed by a highly specialised team of contractor and recruitment professionals to reduce paperwork and save costs with seamless automated processes.
Winning clients and recruiting is your core business. With Practical Software you have a system that will help you run more efficient billing, enhance your reporting and optimise your client contracts.
Wed, Sep 09, 2020
An essential part of any organisation, creating and maintaining your company culture can bring massive benefits to your business. And when it comes to the front-facing world of recruitment, crafting a quality office environment comes with a wealth of advantages for employer and staff alike. ...
Mon, Sep 07, 2020
For many businesses, motivation is a key concern and an ongoing issue for their teams. Motivation is the panacea that can allow lean companies to punch above their weight, or, conversely, cause larger businesses to struggle to hit goals and targets that should otherwise be readily achievable. ...
Thu, Sep 03, 2020
A mainstay in the marketplace, recruitment has played – and continues to play – a vital role in bolstering UK business. But with recent changes and upheaval coming from the global pandemic and disruptive technology, it can be difficult to know where the industry currently stands. So, ho...
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