One of the most important things in business is being able to manage the relationships you have with your customers, making customer relationship management (CRM) strategies extremely popular.

We’ve designed our CRM software solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve and be able to take on the many challenges the market brings. Our software helps to manage your entire customer lifecycle from prospect to cash, improve your operation efficiency, and accelerate internal and external growth.

Benefits of Our CRM System

There are a wide range of benefits and advantages offered by our CRM software, from collecting and organising data about customer interactions, to its easy use and analysis options.

1. Manage Your Customer Interactions

You can record and track every call, question, negotiation and touchpoint from prospects and clients. This will be accessible to your entire team in a centralised contact management system. This allows sales, marketing and customer service teams a greater insight in terms of tracking, pipe progression and client history.

2. Enhances Cross-Team Collaboration

Our CRM system enables experts from different parts of the business to collaborate with each other, creating a more productive, effective environment.

For example, a salesperson can look at the marketing campaign that generated the lead to give them a greater insight into the prospect, enabling them to make a far more informed, tailored conversation.

3. Increased Productivity

Our CRM system auto-generates follow-up emails, saving you the hassle of sending them manually or having to have ‘catch up’ meetings with management. You also have the benefit of being able to test the effectiveness of these emails, while management can easily access the most recent details about the customer.

4. Empower Your Sales Management

Give your sales managers the data they need to analyse customer relationships, track sales-related activity, assess the viability of deals, get extra help when needed and provide their teams with real-time updates.

You can manage your sales pipeline and set individual milestones along the way, from lead generation all the way through to closing.

5. Forecast Future Sales

It’s far easier for sales managers to make accurate forecasts thanks to a single source of truth and a greater visibility of sales in the pipeline. Learn from past historical data and use predictive analytics to forecast the future, gaining insights from huge amounts of data to anticipate future customer behaviour.

6. Easily Create Detailed Reports

By getting a 360º view of your sales pipeline, it’s easy to spot any potential issues arising and quickly prevent them.

There will be no more manually pulling data and creating spreadsheets either, since you can easily craft data digestible reports, improving team productivity.

7. Improve Your Sales Metrics

Using our CRM system, you can use the data and reporting systems to gain an insight into the conversion effectiveness at different points in the sales funnel. By getting a better understanding of your customers, you’ll have more opportunities to upsell and cross sell granting additional business opportunities.

8. Increase Your Customer’s Satisfaction

By easily being able to oversee customers’ interactions, you can identify and anticipate issues helping you to deal with any complaints. This creates a far more positive experience for your customers.

9. Increase Your Marketing ROI

By effectively tracking your marketing activities and campaigns, you’ll be able to identify which methods are working best for your business. You’ll gain an insight into what type of marketing works for different types of customer, making it easier for marketers to maximise their budget and get great ROI.

To find out more about our CRM business software or to enquire about using it for your business, contact us today.